Band Of Mis5ths

 Atlanta, Georgia. Rnb, Funk

The "Band of Mis5ths" (pronounced "MISFITS") began in 2015 with 2 members, Robyn LaJoya Charles (Lead Vocalist) and Terrance Jordan (Keyboards). We started our illustrious music career as a group in collaboration on an album project that turned into several events, i.e. "RayUnion Celebration" and "Legacy Premier Jam Sessions." The event being such a huge success and us meshing so well together inspired us to take this act on the road.

Each member has very a unique skill set that cause us to be one of the MORE distinguished Original Bands in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. To get a simple understanding of that originality and sound, stay tuned for upcoming videos and announcements of future performance dates.

WE BE the UNFITTEST, the MISUNDERSTOOD, the ECLECTIC, the CREATIVE... the COLLECTIVE music representatives that take lemons and make MIC'S HARD!!!! Combining the different spirits of sound and rhythm we are the "Band of #Mis5ths"!

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