Dk DaVincci

Atlanta, Georgia. Rap Hip Hop



Born October,17 1989 real name Derrick Cody live in Atlanta amongst nine other siblings, everyone had a calling his was music. He was raised in Thomas Ville at the age of four he was performing in home videos, it wasn't until  the age of seven he started rapping he was already use to traveling in and out of state.


 DK had a great child hood making good of any situation and or location. He was gifted a speaker and two mics,  from then on he was one of them, an influencer planning to rebuild hip-hop for the better so he would practice every day, at the age fifteen he was in a group that he left a few months later and started his own group.


They where great they would win almost every showcase competition or open Mic there ages would allow. They went thru alot but as time past they had jobs and kids of there own but he went thru obstacles to get custody for both his son and daughter out of the shadows he vented more to music to free his mind he became Dk DaVincci Dk_Isreal Derrick Isreal different personalities to channel his negativity it was time to show and prove with the motivation from his family and his new family A Class Production it was all said and done...


DK Isreal "Mars" Official Music Video

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