Robyn LaJoya


Chicago, Illinois. Urban Soul, R&B


"Robyn LaJoya,” personally known as, Robyn LaJoya Moffett, and professionally known as, Robyn LaJoya Charles, youngest daughter of 12 children to the legendary singer and artist, Ray Charles Robinson and Gloria Moffett, was raised on the Westside of Chicago. Ray’s success and stardom predestined Robyn for a life of music and entertainment. As a small child Robyn recalls singing along to songs like “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston, “DoMe Baby” by Prince, or “Love Takes Times” by Mariah Carey--all songs appearing to be out of the reach of a 7 year old, but well within her range. At the age of 12 she decided to test her talents and attended modeling school at John Casablancas of Chicago. She knew then, being a singer was all she ever really wanted to


She attended school at Columbia College Chicago where she discovered a world of music and hands-on-training in her specialized concentration of academics: Vocal Performance, Music Business Management, and Entertainment Marketing. This, she hoped, would prepare her for a future as an artist in the Music Industry. Subsequently Robyn took a hiatus from music and became a mother to her oldest child, Avari Rhaen; giving all of her attention to raising her daughter and personal growth. Upon the death of her father, Ray in 2004, Robyn was inspired to further the legacy that he created in the music industry and continue her musical journey once again.


Robyn began to cultivate a love for songwriting and vocal production, which spawned several songs such as “This Moment” and “Penny 4 Your Thoughts,” which were co-written and produced by Ketrick “Navajo” Robinson, of Shreveport, LA .During this period her second child was born in spite of the demands of her career. She recently partnered with CEO and producer, Terrance Jordan, at A-Class Productions as a songwriter for the up-and-coming production company out of Atlanta, GA. Here is where such songs as “Lemme C U Go,” “Questions,” “Crying Wolf,” and “Let Me Be,” were birthed. As well as her debut single, “Let’s Talk About It” featuring “L-Mo” which was released September 23, 2014 (her father’s birthday). Out of this partnership brought about her desire for the stage with the creation of the band "The Mis5ths" featuring Berkley graduates Javenn Edwards and prolific drummer Corey Hutto, as well as MD Terrance Jordan (A-Class). She's currently working in collaboration with Carla Cooke (daughter of Grammy Award Winning Sam Cooke) on the upcoming "Legacy Tour."




Throughout her career, Robyn has worked with such notable artists/producers as Otis Clay, R. Kelly and Public Announcement, Do or Die, Smokie Norful, Manny Fresh, Michael Bearden, Shannon Sanders, Michael and Chaise Flanders, Fred “Uncle Freddie” Jerkins producer of “Feelings,” and Gordon "Commish" Williams producer of "Smile" "I Feel Like Singin" "Over Somethin" and "Ask Him." She’s also worked with such known actors as Ralph Harris (“Manish Boy” and “Dreamgirls”); as well as Samuel Jackson, and the late Bernie Mac on “Soul Men.” She is currently working in collaboration with L. “L-Mo” Tolbert of “Slurr Music” on a potential single “Sad Song.” Robyn tirelessly cultivates her skill as a songwriter on projects with artists such as Antoine “Malachi” Paige, Kavi Karkaino, Gary “G-Note Write” Saddler, The Youngbloodz and Tez of Front Street Ent., Sam P. Addams, Tetraz, and Kelvin Harris of Krazy Swag Ent., Hot Attik Ent., Dillon Lawter, Kool Mo Dee,Wesley Hogges and Eric Williams (Blackstreet), and Lex Dirty and Tey Martel of Hennessy Dreams on her upcoming project.


Robyn has coined her sound as “Urban Soul,” with influences of Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Island, Country, Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop. “You get the best of ALL worlds through my music.” Through her life experiences and her desire to further her father’s legacy, her independent project (music, lyrics and vocals) will not only introduce her to the industry, but to the world. Robyn plans to follow in her father’s footsteps, but expects and demands to be known for her own talents, artistry, and accomplishments.


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