Unique' AngEL born Unique' Angel Nelson is an artist that you can’t quite put into a category or box. Born and raised in the heart of Cleveland, OH she discovered the gift of music at an early age.


Influenced by the power and prowess of Whitney Houston and the vocal flexibility and versatility of Mariah Carey, she strived to achieve her own style. Unique’ often participated in local talent shows, writing contests and fashion shows to hone her God given skills. Starting off as a writer, she maintained a journal where she wrote down all of her life events. Included were all of her joyful moments, her heartache, but especially; her pain. Unique’ discovered that journaling was truly an outlet and a way to express what couldn't be said with simple conversation.


The journal entries soon evolved into poetry during her teen years. Unique’ was a quiet girl with few friends, but through her poems, she could be bold and brave which she had a hard time doing in real life. There were no limits or boundaries in her written world and she was in control. In her late teen years, Unique’ found that as life grew more complicated, her relationship with music grew deeper. She turned to songwriting to further express all of the feelings and emotions that she was scared to reveal. Her late twenties became a time of spiritual growth and change as she fought to love and appreciate the woman she naturally was.


This was imperative as Unique’ now had a young daughter to care for who was looking to her to be the inspiration and example that would guide her to a path of her own. Coming out on the other side of her transition in late 2013, Unique’ decided to follow her heart and pursue her passions. She left her home town and all that she had known for her and her daughter to begin a new path in Atlanta, GA. In essence; Unique’ feels that such as life, music is also a journey through ones soul, and through the journey if you are brave enough to follow your true path, you discover.....yourself.

Unique Angel

Cleveland, Ohio. 

R&B/Soul / Spoken Word / Conscious Music

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